Difference between copper-nickel plated tee and stainless steel tee


The difference between copper-plated nickel tee and stainless steel tee is as follows:

1. Material is different: the copper-nickel-plated tee is coated with nickel on the surface of the brass one-way, the essential material is copper; while the stainless steel tee is made of stainless steel itself, which contains a lot of nickel and chromium metals.

2. Physical properties are different: copper-plated nickel-plated tee copper is easily oxidized and has short service life. Stainless steel tees have high hardness and long service life.

3. Chemical properties are different: copper-nickel-plated tees are only coated with nickel on the surface. For a long time, the outer nickel is easy to be corroded and peeled off. Stainless steel tees have good corrosion resistance and are not corroded for a long time.

4. Different application fields: copper-nickel plated tees are generally used in water pipes, stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance, can be used in water can also be used in chemical industry fields such as acid and alkali.

5. Different appearance: the appearance of copper-nickel-plated tees looks a little yellow, while the appearance of stainless steel tees is smooth and silver.

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