Use of non-standard copper nuts


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Use of non-standard copper nuts

Product Classification and Use

1. Non-standard copper nuts (including copper nuts, inlaid copper nuts, knurled copper nuts, inlaid copper nuts, injection moulded copper nuts, etc.)

Uses: Automobile industry - cars, trucks, buses. Compressor. Construction machinery. Wind power generation equipment. Agricultural machinery. Foundry industry. Drilling equipment. Shipbuilding industry.

2. Non-standard copper joints (including socket welded joints, threaded joints, flanged joints, diametral joints, loose joints, etc.)

Usage: Copper joint is used to connect pipes, equipment, bathroom, wire and cable and other products, water pipe joint, air conditioning pipe joint, refrigeration pipe joint, equipment joint, wire and cable joint.

3. Other copper accessories (including copper valve stem, copper sleeve, copper screw, copper screw, copper shaft, copper washer, copper insert, etc.)

Uses: Instruments, electronic hardware, household appliances, fishing gear accessories, locks, medical equipment, etc.

Introduction of Knurled brass nut's Function and Performance