What is the importance of non-standard parts processing for products


Non-standard parts are mainly other parts which are controlled freely by the enterprise without strict standard specifications and relevant parameters. There are many kinds of non-standard parts, and there is no very standard classification at present.

Relatively speaking, standard parts processing is relatively easy, and non-standard parts processing is relatively difficult. Many people do not distinguish between what is a standard part and what is a non-standard part. Let's introduce it in detail today.

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What is the importance of non-standard parts processing for products

Some non-standard parts processing technology is the surface treatment of materials. Some products are eliminated in a process because the surface is not fine enough, so it will be treated twice, such as gold plating, silver plating, etc. At present, some non-standard parts will be processed twice, because higher level products are needed in the production process, and a batch of products will be selected for reprocessing. The processing of high precision parts mainly focuses on stamping and cold extrusion. Most parts are now composite materials, secondary processing is inevitable, because the demand for parts is greater. It is used in all walks of life, so many businesses have higher requirements for the technical level of manufacturers.

The manufacturing technology of non-standard parts can often see the manufacturing technology level of the manufacturer. Therefore, when choosing a manufacturer, you only need to look at the manufacturer's products and those processed by non-standard components. These manufacturing technologies cannot be stolen. Although the price is more expensive, it can ensure the service life of components.

Non-standard parts processing has a high technical requirement for operators, and now no manufacturer with a certain degree of specialty will not accept such secondary processing parts.

What is the importance of non-standard parts processing for products

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