Characteristics of brass hexagonal nuts


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Copper nuts are not easy to rust, anti-corrosion, easy to heat conduction and strong electrical conductivity. They are generally used in rust-proof, high temperature, conductive, heat conductive and other use environments, such as taps, valves, electrical switches, etc. Another major use is injection moulding, which is heated and embedded in plastic parts or directly moulded.

Characteristics of brass hexagonal nuts

Hexagonal nuts are parts that are tightly connected with mechanical equipment. They can only be connected through internal threads, nuts of the same specifications and screws. For example, M4-0.7 nuts can only be matched with M4-0.7 nuts (in nuts, the inner diameter of M4 nuts is about 4 mm, and the distance between 0.7 fingers and two threads is 0.7 mm); American products are the same, such as 1/4-20 nuts can only be matched with 1/4-20 nuts. The screw matching (1/4 finger nut inner diameter is about 0.25 inches, 20 fingers in each inch, 20 teeth)

Introduction of Knurled brass nut's Function and Performance